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Cemeteries are green and beautiful parks, full of small grey or black headstones. Besides, it is worth to mention about US necropolises’ organization and general standards applied by cemeteries. Memorial markers are grouped into several main types: standing upright monuments, headstones, benches, flat markers, slant markers and bevel markers, because of aforementioned reasons, in general, the last three types are the most popular on the US market. Moreover, due to the fact that the number of cremations is still increasing, they are also suitable for those who opt for such burial option. Each US monument dealer can offer you a wide selection of flat, bevel and slant grave markers, which are also available in various sizes, colors and made from varied raw materials.

Flat markers are known to be the simplest variant of all modern manufactured grave markers, which as their name indicates, are laid flat on the ground. Usually, flat markers are 20 to 36 inches long, and 10 to 18 inches wide, such dimensions regard only to single markers. On offer, there are also double flat markers which are 24 to 60 inches long, and 12 to 20 inches wide. Recommend by the monument providers thickness of flat markers is 4 inches. Nevertheless, thicker markers are also available. Most flat markers are in rectangle shapes, but each monument supplier should give you a possibility of making your design more personal by adding to it some extra elements such as motive, or by engraving special dedication to the deceased. In flat markers manufacturing, the most commonly used materials are durable and resilient bronze, granite and marble. Granite and marble grave markers are heavier than those made from bronze. The most expensive raw material is bronze, but should you have a limited budget, any flat marker will be suitable for you. On the one hand, such types are said to be the most economical ones, but on the other hand, they are consider high-quality as well. The fact that they can be purchased at really reasonable prices is determined by small amount of used raw material. Looking through online catalogues, it is good to know that there are various names describing flat markers and very often they are used interchangeably. In monument industry they are also known as tombstone markers, flush grave markers, flat headstones, burial markers, grave markers, grass markers, memorial markers, grave memorials, gravestones, burial markers, flat memorials.

The other one of the most desirable types of memorials is bevel grave marker, also known as a pillow marker, which is laid flat on the ground, but it is not flushed with it. The other difference between bevel and flat markers is slanted face of the bevel marker which provides it with more upright look. In other words, “back part” of the bevel marker is 2-3 inches thicker than the frontal part. Usually the face is polished, while edges remain rough. The best advantage of raised grave marker is that it is more visible, and therefore easier to find among other similarly looking grave markers. According to your requirements or to your family’s wishes, there are available individual and companion bevel markers as well. In addition, as flat markers, bevel grave markers can be made from marble, granite or bronze. The most common single bevel marker is 24 inches long, 12 inches wide, tapering back part is 10 inch high and front part is 8 inch high. Dimensions of a double bevel grave marker are quite similar: 36 inches long, 12 inches wide, tapering back part is 10 inch high, and front part is 8 inch. There should be stressed that, as in case of flat markers, bevel markers might be available under other names such: beveled headstones, beveled tombstone, cemetery bevels, beveled memorial markers, beveled gravestones, beveled memorials.

Another worth describing type of grave markers is slant grave marker known to be much more originally designed than two other aforementioned types. The slant graver marker can be used itself but also placed with matched and usually granite base. It is much like upright tablets but it includes a steep angled frontal part. It is even more visible than the bevel grave marker as engraved letters are seen from a distance, and unlike other gravestones, the best advantage of the slant is its upright form. Thanks to this, not only they look like impressive and more expensive upright headstones, but it also helps them in being kept in unchanged condition. Permanently, exposed to rain, wind and dirt, flat and bevel markers’ horizontal position make them less resilient and durable. The slant grave markers are not affected by the elements to such extent as bevel and flat markers are. In this way, the slant marker is easy to maintain and more durable. Slant markers are also available either as single or in double variant. Common sizes of the double one is: 36 inches long, 10 inches thick, and 16 inches in height tablet) and 42 inches long, 14 inches thick, and 6 inches in height (base sizes); the single one: 30 inches long, 10 inches thick, and 16 inches in height tablet) and 36 inches long, 14 inches thick, and 6 inches in height (base sizes). The top part of the slant grave marker is usually cut straight across, round-shaped or in shape of serpentine. On slant grave markers are much more place than on flat or beveled memorials. Thanks to this, you can include more information in the inscription, engrave photo of the deceased or express your feeling by adding special dedication or Bible passage, which could beautifully memorize your dear departed. Slant markers are known to be more individual and personalized headstones. They are also available in various materials including bronze, granite or marble. You can encounter terms like mini headstone, slanting tombstone, slanting headstone, slanting grave marker, burial slant, slanted memorial marker, cemetery slant, slanted gravestone, tombstone markers, slanted memorials.

Each type of grave marker might be individually designed. Each monument supplier offers a wide range of shapes, colours or extra elements – everything what suits your taste and needs. You can also opt for other sizes, not those we presented herein. There is also possible to order traditionally engraved marker or more unconventionally, but really impressive, laser etched.
Fashion dominates also funeral industry. On the market there are a large number of monument dealers who are on their customers’ service and strive to make them happy. Thanks to this, a lot of products are accessible to us at reasonable prices. Anyway, before you order anything check all restrictions and rules imposed by cemeteries on grave marker’s types, materials and sizes. While in some cemeteries only placement of the flat grave markers is allowed, in the others, the only acceptable raw material is granite or bronze. You may also wish to attach a vase to your grave marker, but in some cemeteries applies requirement only for in-ground vase.

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