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  • Headstones in the USA

    Funeral industry in the US is quite varied. The main reason for this is the multiculturalism of this great country

  • Funeral Traditions Around the World

    All over the world at the turn of the century have developed various traditions associated with the funeral and burial of the body of the deceased. This is due to the different beliefs of people from different parts of the globe

  • US National cemeteries, graves of the presidents

    The cemetery is a place, which is an area of land properly prepared and managed. Its existence is governed by the relevant legal standards and sanitation

  • Funeral traditions - bereavement support, standby

    All over the world we know various funeral traditions. However, there are common elements, for everyone associated with the dying, regardless of religion

  • State funerals in the US

    United States pose a great world power. At the turn of the year was held in their area many state funerals

  • Granite tombstone species is not insignificant. Which one to choose?

    Any natural material within its category (eg. Marble, granite etc

  • Which plants to the cemetery. Conifers, perhaps chrysanthemum?

    Decoration of the tombstone of a loved one does not have to come down only to the choice of cut flowers. Planting indigenous conifers, annual and biennial plants are a great way to mark the tombstone for other people visiting the cemetery and emphasize the unique character of this place on the eve of All Saints

  • Types of gravestones

    Putting the tombstone to commemorate the deceased person is a long tradition dating back to the beginnings of Christianity. Its task is memorialized identification of the deceased for the longest possible time

  • US military funerals

    United States are one of the world's great powers, primarily economic, but also attach great importance to the reinforcement and the military. Persons serving in the ranks of the US Army are surrounded by the relevant authorities with special care

  • Imaginative monuments

    Death is for many people a hard time and is usually associated with pain and sadness. When someone leaves a close, we can not refrain from tears, and we are distressed

  • What a funeral wreath on the last farewell ?

    Choosing a funeral wreath or bouquet is for many people a big problem. Finding the only one who will express our feelings for the deceased is often a challenge

  • Funeral traditions in the USA

    American society is very individual. A feature of the population of the United States is multiculturalism

  • What a monument to choose ?

    Each of us after death wants to be remembered as long as possible. It is for this reason we put monuments in cemeteries

  • Death and funeral is a difficult time for the family of the deceased

    Death and funeral is a difficult time for the family of the deceased, but also for his friends and acquaintances. How to behave in order not to complicate a difficult situation? If you are the person who arranges the funeral we need to ensure the various formalities such as arranging the death certificate, contact the funeral establishment and many other issues

  • Implementation of the statue in bronze

    Among the various ideas honoring the deceased can also find statues cast in bronze. This material is an alloy of copper with tin and other metals

  • What epitaph put on the tombstone ?

    Many people still alive decides to book a place in the cemetery and plant buys the stone tombstone. Reasons for this are many

  • Haberdashery tombstone. Select the ornaments on the monument of the deceased

    Stonemasons offer a variety of accessories and ornaments, which can be complementary to the statue of the deceased. Galanterie graves are filled with decorative vases, lanterns, crosses and brass figurines

  • What a quote to put on the gravestone ?

    The inscriptions placed on the gravestones are very different. Starting from passages in the Bible, through poems, lyrics music until quotes famous writers and poets

  • Funeral speech. Who and how should it deliver?

    Funeral Speech is quite specific and difficult speech, which is indicated on the merits of the deceased, breathe hope into a family and be thanking you for all the years together. Who to entrust eulogy? Due to the special circumstances funeral oration should be delivered by one of the relatives of people who knew the deceased well

  • Which flowers to choose for a funeral wreath?

    Flowers are part of the tradition and integral part of the funeral ritual. During the burial, at the very end is even designated point at which the present lay flowers on the grave of a newly random packing

  • Funeral savoir vivre in the US

    Do as the Romans - this saying applies to both of these pleasant events (weddings, celebrations state) as well as the great moments of reflection and sadness. It is no different in the case of funerals

  • Sculpture of Carrara marble

    More and more people in addition to the traditional tombstone, decides to place sculptures. Most often it is a religious and symbolizes faith and love for God

  • What coffin choose ?

    Choosing the coffin for traditional burial is the duty of each of us. Not very pleasant duty to be added, but it is a necessity when you want to be buried in the traditional way

  • Sandblasted inscriptions

    Stonemasons use at least 3 techniques for the implementation of the inscriptions on the tombstones. Choosing the appropriate only seemingly easy, because each of them have different properties to external factors

  • Types of funeral urn

    From year to year, there are more and more people who want to be cremated. This is one of the two most popular types of burials in Poland, although, of course, still many people choose traditional burial in a coffin

  • The most famous Parisian cemeteries

    Paris is not only the Eiffel Tower, Moulin Rouge, Louvre and Notre Dame Cathedral. The capital of France still leads the way as a city of artists and high culture

  • Crosses made of stainless steel

    Deciding on the choice of the cross, which will feature our tombstone or a loved one, you should carefully review its characteristics. It is not about the size or type of mark of the church, but the material from which it was made

  • The most popular designs of the cross

    Choosing the right model of the cross, which will be placed on our tombstone, headstone or a loved one, it is not only very difficult but also a thankless task. Not each one is able to make such a choice that will appeal to everyone, and one that accepts the deceased

  • Veteran day and memorial day

    Military is an important part of American society. People sacrificing their lives for the US Army are national heroes, posed as a model to follow

  • The most beautiful quotes on gravestones

    When he finally arrives the last moment of our life on earth, it is good to have ordered all matters related to our funeral. Relieve not only our family, but also they will feel much calmer

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